Baroque Wanderers 2018 – Bruges, Copenhagen, Naestved

A travel agent friend once asked if I’d be interested in leading a travel group on a Baroque music-themed European sojourn. It sounded slightly crazy, but also as though it might just work, especially if my partner Colin was willing and able to come along as Co-Host. He was, and so last spring I put together an itinerary which was promoted by the agency. Lo and behold, twenty fellow travellers signed up, and off we went.

We started at the Händel Festival in Halle, Händel’s birthplace, where we saw wonderful concerts, toured the city, visited the Händel and CPE Bach Houses and other places of interest.

Then we headed to the Bach Festival in Leipzig, heard more fantastic concerts and saw much more, such as the Nikolaikirche:

And we ended up in Berlin, where the city kept us entertained. One day we moseyed to Frederick The Great’s Sanssouci in Potsdam…

It was a trip to remember, in every good way, and it’s happening again! We’ll be heading out in August 2018 to the Musica Antiqua Festival in Bruges, Belgium (six days) and then to Denmark, where we’ll spend three days in Copenhagen and then journey south for the Naestved Early Music Festival. Bruges and Naestved are both beautiful medieval cities, the festivals offer great concerts, and there are additional events planned, plus free time every day for independent exploring, relaxing, shopping, napping…If you’re interested in joining us, we’ll all first meet up at Brussels Airport, so you can arrive from anywhere! Double-click on the Baroque Wanderers 2018 description below to see more info, a day-to-day itinerary and other details, and if you want a copy of the registration form, contact me at

Baroque Wanderers 2018

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