Happy New Year!

The Year of the Snake has arrived – Happy Lunar New Year!

People born in Snake years are said to be artistic, stylish and complex. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are two images of artistic, stylish and possibly complex flute players from China.

chinese tryptich

Chinese flute player

Stained Glass Surprise

I was playing a gig last year in St. Alban’s, the building which I’m told would have become Toronto’s cathedral had the money in the neighbourhood not run out…During a rehearsal break I walked a circuit of the sanctuary to check out the new stained glass window images of angel musicians. Dazzling and funky, they included a recorder player. I found out later that the glass work was done by Jane and Kathy Irwin, two women I first knew in high school. A striking image, to which my photography doesn’t do justice, but here it is, plus a link to the artists’ site.

Stained Glass by Jane and Kathy Irwin

Stained Glass by Jane and Kathy Irwin